Notarizations for Individuals and Business

We've two pricing models. If you're a direct customer, you pay after we notarize your documents. If you're a business, you pay end of each month for all of your business clients notarization that we do for you.

Cost of Notarization

Please note, we only notarize documents for US Residents and you must have a valid residential address proof in the US. Your Notary Agent has a right to refuse service, if s/he feels you are not aware of what's being signed or if you are being forced into signing any part of your document. And on a final note, please keep in mind, a Notary Public agent cannot provide you a legal advice.
Pay per Document
per signer/document
Notarized Document
Live Chat & Email Support
Secured Document Storage
Document Editor
I.D. Verification
Notary Call Recording & Storage
Insured and Bonded Notary Agents
Business Solutions
per month
(additional volume discounts available)
Basic Features Plus
Central Access for Your Entire Staff
25% Discount - $15/signer/document
Custom Branded Emails
Hosted Landing Page for Your Business
Access to Recording of Each Video Call
Access to Your Customer's ID Scans
Phone Support
Instant Access to Notarized Documents
Full API Access
Create and Manage Templates
Choose who Pays for Notarization
Billed Monthly

Extra Fees(if applicable)
  • Additional Notary Stamp - $5/each. (If you've lots of notary events in one document)
  • Custom Document Setup for Business Clients - $20
  • Any Calls between 2AM EST - 8AM EST - $10 Extra

Our Guarantee
  • Full Refund if the Document is not accepted by your recipient.
  • A Free Redo if we or you make a mistake during the notarization process
  • No "extra" fees for US Residents Living Abroad
  • Available 10AM - Midnight (Daily)

What are my payment options?

We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover card. Pre-paid cards are unfortunately not accepted at this time.

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