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Fast, Secured & Legal Notarization Solutions for your Business. OnlineNotary.net can help your business become more productive, and efficient. No Monthly Minimum. No Setup Fees.

Business Account Features

OnlineNotary.net is a Virginia based company that can perform online notary services across the United States. We can help you speed up your business and deliver value to your clients with our notarial services.

Available for any U.S. Business Entity
Pay after use. Volume Discounts Available
Setup who receives Notarized documents
RESTful API Available for your integrations
Verify Notarized Documents in seconds
Legally Binding across United States
Decide who pays for a Notary (You or Your Client)
Reduce redundant work. Ability to use templates
Central Dashboard to Manage all Clients Requests
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How do Business Notaries work?

Upload Your Document Template

With OnlineNotary.net, document templates can be created for your clients so you don't need to upload a document all over again.

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Notify Your Clients

OnlineNotary.net will invite your signers for you. Our platform handles signer invitations automatically using the e-mails you provide for your clients.

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Track Signers Progress

OnlineNotary.net has a dashboard that tracks your signers progress, whether the document is Pending or already Notarized.

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Document Status

OnlineNotary.net shows the full document timeline in real-time. Provide your clients visibility to their progress as you move through the notary process.

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Each Call is Stored

Each conference call made on our platform is secured and safely stored.

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Volume Discounts Available

Depending on number of notarizations per month, we offer great discounts to help you get on board with our services. We also offer API integration services and can setup demo for you to see how our system works

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